We listen. We assess. We explain. We help. We rehabilitate.

We Listen

We take the time to listen to your story and your history of pain to get a deep understanding of your experience.

We Assess

We perform a thorough musculoskeletal, nervous & cardiovascular system assessment that may include: flexibility/ mobility, stability, strength and functional tests.

We Explain

We educate you on what is likely to be causing your pain (diagnosis), how long we think it will take to improve (prognosis), what we can do to help you & what you can do to help yourself.

We help

We use a combination of Osteopathic  techniques (stretching, massage, MET/PNF, manipulation, mobilisation, articulation etc.) with dry needling and therapeutic movement interventions to get you feeling and moving good!

We rehabilitate

We use evidence-based exercise interventions to get you stronger (if thats what you need!) and make your body more resilient to movement so that your pain goes away and stays away!

Professional, Local Osteopaths providing musculoskeletal injury and pain management.


Combining the latest evidence with traditional hands-on care, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Located within Bay Tree Natural Health Clinic

359 Torquay Road, Mount Duneed, VIC, 3217

Phone: 0457 890 624


Fax: 03 5294 0034


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